James has started repeating things he hears: from us, from movies, everywhere. While watching 101 Dalmations the other day he repeated a phrase from the movie that made me laugh ...

Thankful Thursday!

Here’s to another happy and thankful week.   (I did leave out two days because they had information that may reveal where I live and other personal information that I ...

Quiet Time

today I am thankful for: the small moments in the day when Brennan sits down. he was tired after i work him up from him nap today and he just ...


Brennan Lee Phelps

We are happy to announce the arrival of Brennan Lee Phelps! (warning: ...

5 Years

Sometimes when I think about it, I can’t believe it has really ...
James Edward Phelps

My Little Phelper

The newest addition to our family, James Edward Phelps, made his way ...

Latest News

Reading a Book

The boys are getting better every day at playing with each other. Today, I needed to change Brennan’s diaper and he was not happy about it. James wanted to help Brennan be happy so he went and found a book to read to Brennan. It was so sweet and completely worked.

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Be Grateful.

I’m not awesome at scrapbooking. I’ve never really been able to keep up with it. I’ve tried regular ol’ paper scrapbooking. I’ve tried some hybrid scrapbooking. And I’ve tested out digital scrapbooking. But I think the big problem with all the different types is not the type of scrapbooking I’ve been doing, but just me. [...]

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Happy Birthday Brennan Bug!

Every parent says it, but it continues to be true. My little baby is one, and I can not believe it. Where did the last year go? How did this day come so quickly? We had a wonderful time celebrating this little man with our family over the Labor Day weekend. Due to family leaving [...]

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Youth Conference

In mid-July, I was called to serve in the Young Women’s program in our ward. I was really excited to be working with the young woman again. I have served in Young Women’s before and love to feel of the Spirit of the wonderful youth. I also knew our youth had some big events coming [...]

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Cookie, Cookie, Cookie

On Thursday, a chocolate chip cookie sounded so good. So I made some and we had a yummy snack. Brennan loved it! It wasn’t his first chocolate chip cookie, but he ate it like it was and wanted more and more and more. As I was taking the cookies off the cookie sheet and placing [...]

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Ol’ McDonald…

…had a farm. E-I-E-I-O. Or perhaps: One Thanksgiving had a farm and we visited. We had a lot of fun. The wonderful Stephanie invited us to join her and her cute kids. During breakfast, I asked James if he wanted to go and see the cows at the farm later and he was so excited. [...]

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Church can be a challenge with two little people, specifically, Sacrament meeting. This morning while getting ready for church, the boys were having a screaming contest while Bryan and I got them dressed.  While they screamed I knew it might be an especially tricky meeting. I asked aloud for blessing for trying to be faithful [...]

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Cars and Bribery

Shopping with kids is tricky. Finding time to shop without kids is tricky. Some days shopping with them might be just fine. Other days it might be a nightmare (that ends with crying children and moms walking out of the store without anything on their list) Most of the time for me, it just doesn’t [...]

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